Update Awtomic Emails Timing and Content

Awtomic Email Settings and Subscriptions Renewal laws and regulations

Many states in the United States and international governments and agencies worldwide have passed or are in the process of establishing various specific laws and regulations governing proper practices and timelines for consumer purchases, subscription sales, automatic renewals, recurring orders, etc.

In order to be legally compliant with the laws and regulations where you do business and where your customers are located, it is each of your own duty as a merchant to ensure that all of your notifications and business practices are up-to-date and in line with these and any other regulations.

Please note: None of the general information or settings provided by Awtomic Subscription here or elsewhere is intended or implied to constitute legal advice or education for your business. Every merchant is responsible for staying abreast of legal developments and taking whatever steps need to be taken to ensure up to date legal compliance on their own. Please consult with an attorney and various governments for legal counsel to confirm that your business practices, subscriptions, notifications, and cancellations etc are configured correctly.

Awtomic Subscriptions Emails Settings allow merchants the ability to customize the content and the timing of when your subscription renewal notifications will be sent to your customers.

Set up the timing of your Upcoming Order Email and SMS Notifications :

  1. Log in to your Shopify Admin
  2. Go to Apps and Select the Awtomic Subscriptions App.
  3. Go to Settings in your Awtomic Subscriptions App and select Emails Customization
  4. Under Content Select the Upcoming Order email and pictured below:

Please note: the timing you sent here will also be used to trigger your Awtomic SMS Upcoming Order SMS Notifications.

Email options can be edited there according to your preferences. To ensure compliance with any applicable laws or regulations that your store must follow, please edit and update the content and timing of these various communications on a regular basis.

Enable or Disable Emails from Awtomic Subscriptions:

Each merchant is also able to enable or disable emails here: