Troubleshooting Subscription Setup

Here are some common mishaps and how to resolve them

I can't get the preview to work so I can see my subscriptions.

Click here to view how to Preview your subscriptions with Awtomic Preview Mode.

The Awtomic Preview will not work on Build-a-Box, Add-ons, or shuffles. You'll need to make public in order to see subscriptions there. Click here to view subscriptions for build-a-box.

I don't want the subscription options to show up on my collections page or other location that has an "Add to Cart" button.

You can select where the subscription options show up, if you don't want them to show up everywhere there's a product form. To do so, you'll need to add some custom code to your

Now we need to add some custom code in your theme:

  1. Go to Online Store. In the "Live Theme" section, click "Actions" and then "Edit Code"

  2. Add a new Snippet by finding the Snippets section in the left nav of the code editor and clicking the "Add a new Snippet" button.

  3. Name the snippet bundleapp-theme-custom

  4. Inside that snippet add the following code:

    <script> (function () { window.bundleapp = window.bundleapp || {}; window.bundleapp.settings = { renderInsideSel: "#subs-plan-wrapper", }})(); </script>
  5. Open your theme.liquid file under the Layout section in the left hand nav

  6. Insert the following code just before the closing body tag, which looks like this: </body>

    {% render 'bundleapp-theme-custom' %}
  7. Click Save

Now in the product forms where you want the plan selector to appear, all you need to do is add a an empty html element with the id subs-plan-wrapper. The only limitation is that it has to be inside the product form. Here's an example element:

<div id="subs-plan-wrapper"></div>

I use Gempages, Shogun or another app to create my product page templates

Follow same steps as above