2024 Email Deliverability Standards

Ensuring Email Notifications Comply with Google and Yahoo's Deliverability Standards

Key Points to Note

Before implementing changes, familiarize yourself with the new email standards by reviewing Google's New Gmail Protections and Yahoo's Enforcing Email Standards blog posts. These updates outline the necessary steps to enhance email security and combat spam, specifically targeting how senders authenticate their domain.

Guidance for Awtomic Notification Senders

As of February 2024, Google and Yahoo will introduce stricter rules for email authentication, directly affecting how subscription notifications are sent. Notably, using an @gmail.com address via third-party platforms like Awtomic for sending these notifications will no longer be accepted. To avoid emails being blocked by Google, switch the "from" address to one that is linked to your domain (e.g., @yourstore.com). See our step by step guide on setting and authenticating your custom/branded domain.

If your email volume exceeds or is expected to exceed 5,000 emails per day—considering all platforms, not just Awtomic—you'll need to comply with additional verification steps. While these rules primarily impact high-volume senders, Awtomic advises all its users to authenticate their sending domain to ensure deliverability.

For High-Volume Senders

High-volume senders, defined as those dispatching over 5,000 emails daily from their domain, will face stringent verification by Google and Yahoo starting February 2024. This move aims to safeguard email recipients by enforcing standards that improve the security and integrity of email communications.

Increasingly throughout early 2024, Google and Yahoo will start to delay or outright reject emails that fail to meet these standards, leading up to full enforcement eventually. Key to compliance is ensuring your emails pass DKIM and DMARC verification checks. It's important to note that Awtomic's standard sending domain (@awtomic.com) may not automatically fulfill these requirements.

For detailed guidance on authenticating your domain, refer to the Authenticating Your Custom Domain section. Additionally, Google's DMARC record guide offers valuable insights into setting up your DMARC policies correctly.

Sending Notifications Beyond Awtomic

Should you choose to distribute your subscription emails through external services like Klaviyo, SendGrid, or via a bespoke email solution, it's crucial to verify that these notifications adhere to the new standards set by Google and Yahoo.

To understand these requirements better, review the aforementioned blog posts by Google and Yahoo, and collaborate with your email service providers to ensure your email practices are fully compliant.