Troubleshooting Shopify Discount Codes


I have created a Shopify 25% off discount code for all products in my store sitewide but it is NOT working on my subscriptions?


First, log in to your Shopify admin, Click Discounts and check the Shopify Discount Code to make sure that you have set the purchase type to BOTH for the discount to apply to both one time purchases and subscriptions. Also set the Applies to All Products for all of the products in your store to be discounted.

Please note any discount code you create like this will give an ADDITIONAL discount on top of any discounts you've already set up when your created your Awtomic Subscription Plans.

This will allow the discount to set to all products in your store. You will also need to adjust the following setting below according to how you'd like the discount to apply. For example, If you only want to offer the discount for the first subscription payment only you'd select, "Limit discount to the first payment" as pictured below.

You can also limit the number of times and to one time by customer or to specific customers and/or time period. .