Failed Payments FAQs

Does Awtomic handle the actual payment processing for my Subscription Renewals and Billings?

No. All subscription payments are processed by Shopify and/or your selected payment gateway/processor. Awtomic schedules when the payment attempt is to happen but Shopify and your payment gateway handle the payment processing and/or failures. Please contact Shopify Support and/or your payment gateway for information about specific payment failures or payment processing issues.

One of my subscriber's Payment failed on renewal, how do I find out why this payment failed?

Shopify/Your Payment Gateway provides Awtomic Subscriptions with limited information about why a payment may have failed. The error message Shopify sends when a payment attempt fails is displayed whenever you hover over the failed text under Payment Attempts in the Subscription Admin. It will look something like this.

For more in-depth information about a failed payment, please contact Shopify and/or your specific Payment Gateway.

My customer needs to update their payment method how to do they do that?

If you'd like to send them the email to update their Shopify payment method for their subscription. Open the Awtomic app. Go to the Subscriptions page, Find the specific subscriber and click into their subscription details. Then scroll to the area off to the side that says Payment Method. Click the three buttons next to the payment method and you can send your subscriber a link to update their payment method.

Your subscribers can also simply log into their subscription customer portals to be taken to the link to update their payment methods in Shopify also.

Can I set up Dunning or some kind of emails to notify my customers they have had a failed payment?

Yes! Awtomic subscriptions has a wonderful dunning feature to reduce churn and customer support time spent updating subscription payments, and helps your customers manage their subscriptions easily. For more information about how to setup Awtomic Subscriptions Dunning feature, go to