Applying a Shopify Discount Code to a Subscription

How to offer a discount on a subscription

If you’d like to further incentivize a customer to purchase a subscription, you can offer them a discount through the standard Shopify discount management section. To access this, go to the left hand navigation and click “Discounts.” Press “Create discount code.” Please note that this is not Awtomatic functionality, it is built by Shopify, but because we are integrated, the settings you set here will work with Awtomatic's subscriptions.

There are a lot of great options now related to subscriptions. You can:

  • Offer a free shipping discount, a % off Discount, or a specific dollar amount discount*
  • Apply it to one-time purchases, subscriptions only, or both

*Currently Shopify does NOT allow subscriptions to be discounted with discount type Buy X, Get Y. You can use a free shipping discount, a % off Discount, or a specific dollar amount discount on subscriptions.

If you’re offering a subscription only discount then you can also choose for it to apply only to specific subscription products or a specific collection of subscription products.

Finally, you can decide if the discount will apply to the first payment only, or to multiple or all recurring payments.

Please note that these discounts will happen in addition to any discount you’ve set for the subscription plan. If you are setting up a plan with a discount, we recommend adding the discount directly into the subscription plan rather than using a code to avoid complexity.