Shipping Settings

Set up free, discounted or just different shipping rates for subscriptions

Awtomic shipping settings allow you to define a new shipping profile that will only apply to subscription plans that you enable them to be used for. A few high level things to note:

  • If you don't set up subscription shipping settings in the app, your subscriptions will default to use the cheapest shipping setting for the shipping zone and profile that the product and customer is in.
  • It is not yet possible to do dynamic shipping prices with Subscriptions in Shopify Checkout and subscriptions so apps like Zapiet can calculate rates based on zip code etc. will not work for subscriptions.
  • Shopify does not allow subscriptions to work with local pickup or local delivery natively at this time. This is planned to be supported natively by Shopify in the future and when it is available we will also support this natively through Awtomic as well . In the interim,some merchants have been able to support local pickup and local delivery for their subscriptions by using apps like Advanced Shipping rules along with some manual management as a creative workaround.
  • Once you set up your Awtomic Subscription settings, you will need to go into each of your subscription plans and check the box to enable them to work for the products in that subscription plan. You can find that in the discount section of your subscription plans you want to be included.
  • The profile you set up for subscription shipping will define all zones that subscriptions can be shipped to, not just free or discounted ones. If the zone is not included in the profile, a customer will not be able to check out if their shipping address is in that zone.

To set up subscription settings, go to the Settings section in the Awtomic app:

Press "Manage rates" and you'll get the option to either create rates from an existing profile, or start from scratch. Starting from an existing profile can be helpful if you already have complex zones and rates configured. If you start from an existing profile, use the dropdown selector to pick the correct one.

Once you press "Create profile" you will see a "Manage rates" button, which will navigate you to Shopify's shipping profile details page to configure the profile.

Do NOT add products from this view, you will add this profile to subscription plans in the Awtomic app, which will automatically add the subscription versions of products to the shipping profile. You do not need to manually do this.

Here you can edit, add or remove zones and their rates, as you would for any Shopify shipping profile. For example, if you want to offer Free shipping domestically and a flat rate for rest of world, you can do that.

Once you've defined and saved your shipping profile, go back to the Awtomic app. Go to Subscription Plans and edit any existing plans you have that you want to have this new shipping profile. In the Pricing section, you'll see an option to select "Enable Subscription Shipping." Once you've done this, every product in the plan and ones you add in the future will use your new subscription shipping profile for subscription purchases only (not one-time).