Creating Shuffle Bundles

How to create a subscription that rotates through a group of products

At Awtomic, we're committed to delivering tools that help you go beyond basic subscriptions and provide great experiences to your customers. One example of this is our Shuffles feature.

Shuffles allow you to define a group of products that customers can subscribe to and get a different item from the group in their shipment each time. This creates a bit of magic and anticipation for each delivery and helps keeps users engaged, while giving them the ability to sample multiple flavors, scents or other variations of your products.

To create a Shuffle, start by going to the Bundles section of the app and press "Create." You'll be able to name your Shuffle and also select the bundle type "Shuffle." Choose a name that you are okay with being the name of the product users will see. You can edit this later as well.

Next, select the products that you'd like to include in your shuffle. Here's the tricky part:

All Products in a shuffle must have the exact same variants.

The variants have to have the same spelling, the same type, the same letter casing and be in the same order. You can edit the variants on each individual product page if you need to. Products will only get added if they fit these requirements.

Once you've added products you can drag and drop them to arrange the order that your customers will receive them in.

Next, set the pricing for your shuffle. You can set fixed pricing, which will apply to the shuffle regardless of the variant chosen, or you can set variant specific pricing.

Variant specific pricing will let you charge more if someone chooses something like a different size (EG: 10 oz coffee over 8 oz) that costs more to produce and fulfill.

Once you have products and prices defined, press "Create" to create the Shopify product that will represent your shuffle.

Next, go to the subscription plans, and assign the new shuffle product to a plan. Shuffles will be subscription only by default because without a subscription they don't make much sense.

Finally, Edit your product page to have the images, description, layout etc. that you want and set it to Active!

When a customer places an order, they will be automatically assigned the first item in the shuffle. You'll be able to see the item that's assigned to them in the order details, under "Additional Details"

Subsequent orders will rotate through the items you've selected for the shuffle and show the chosen product both in Additional Details and in the order item properties.

If a customer selects more than one (x) quantity of a shuffle, they will get the first x items in the shuffle, not x of the same item.

Once the customer has gone through all of the items in the shuffle, they will loop back to the beginning.

A few important notes:

  • Shuffle orders will be placed regardless of inventory or changes to products in the shuffle once they are purchased.
  • Shuffles cannot currently be added to a subscription from the Admin view, they must be purchased.
  • Users cannot yet see or change what items are coming up in their shuffle (coming in the future!)