Our full integration with Shopify

How Bundle works with Shopify Checkout, Products, Orders and Discounts

Unlike many subscription apps that came before, we are built from the ground up, fully integrated with Shopify. There are a few major benefits of this:

  • All payments are handled through Shopify checkout: No need for an extra checkout flow to manage with customization, tracking or anything else. Customers may checkout with mixed carts (one time and subscription), using discounts, and best of all - using all of their previously stored payment and address data.
  • Products, orders and customers are all stored in one place: Any customer data or orders that have been placed are in the Shopify orders or customers tabs. You can see links to the subscription plans from those sections when they occur. We do not create duplicate products or give you two dashboards to look at when tracking orders or customers.
  • Shopify discounts work with subscriptions: Shopify has a robust system for creating discounts. You can now create discounts for one time purchases, to apply on a recurring basis, and shipping related ones that can all be applied and used on any cart the user has, all the way through checkout with subscriptions. You don’t have to duplicated discount codes in our system.

Who does what?

Since subscriptions and payments are so intertwined, it can be hard to understand which part of the experience is driven by Bundle, vs which part is Shopify. We will explain some of the split below:

Bundle is where you create and store plans for how you would like to sell subscriptions. Bundle has a widget that will be shown on your product page that will give users the options that you enable to purchase subscriptions. Once they have been purchased, Bundle keeps track of the subscription contracts and will place orders for your store whenever they come due. If an order is placed and there is a billing error, Bundle will keep track and try again and handle the troubleshooting if it cannot be placed successfully. Bundle sends communication to customers that are related to their subscription creation and management.

Shopify handles your cart, the checkout flow and all of the billing, both for the first purchase and whenever an order is placed from a subscription. The user’s payment method is securely stored in Shopify’s system. Shopify also helps you manage orders and fulfillment. Subscription orders are labeled with “Subscription Shipping” but otherwise are no different from any one-off order in how you typically handle fulfillment. Shopify sends communication to customers that are specifically related to each order’s status (order placed, order shipped, order delivered).

Bundle also allows you to add a section to your customer account section of your online store to enable customers to self-manage their subscriptions. This can save you a lot of customer support time and create trust and transparency, letting customers skip or pause their subscriptions if they need to, change their frequency or ultimately cancel if they must. Through Bundle’s app, you can also manage customer’s subscriptions for them if they reach out for help.