Previewing and Testing your Subscriptions

Test your subscriptions set up before launching

Before you launch, you should make sure you view and test your setup to make sure you like how things look.

First, click here to view how to Preview your subscriptions with Awtomic Preview Mode!

You can update styles if you'd like, or if you're having trouble getting things to work, you can view our troubleshooting help article. Again, the best and worst thing about Shopify is that it's incredibly flexible, so depending on your theme and sometimes your other apps, it may take a few tries to get everything set up perfectly.

Make sure you've completed all the steps in the Basic Setup section, detailed here.

Now, you can start previewing everything in your theme. We have a preview button on the welcome guide that will open up your site with a preview enabled.

Note that this will only work on your live theme, so if you've done installation on a backup copy of your theme, you'll have to do the following:

  • Go to the "Online Store" section from the Shopify left bar Navigation
  • Got to the theme copy you've been working on and press Actions -> Preview
  • Navigate to any product that you added to your subscription plan

You can use ?awt-preview=1 or &awt-preview=1 as an addition to the URL on any page where Awtomatic app elements should be showing to see a preview if you don't want to go straight from the Preview button. The URL should look like this:


If you are on a product page and you can see the subscription options, you're in business! Try adding the item as a subscription to your cart to preview your cart installation

If it works automatically, or you installed the code snippet into the cart file, you should see the frequency of the purchase in the cart:

Remember, if you have multiple cart popups or slide out drawers, you'll have to add the snippet in multiple places to make sure the frequency shows.

From here, you can continue on and purchase this item in checkout, which will help you test the customer account section.

Once you've purchased a subscription, use the same email to create an account with your store. You can usually do this by going to

When you're logged in, you should be able to see the "Manage Subscriptions" button that you added during setup:

Once you click this button, you'll be able to see all of your subscriptions and also click in to them to see the details of the subscription.

A few things to note:

Make sure you preview your collection pages. The app will automatically show the widget any time there is an 'Add to Cart' button. If your theme puts 'Add to Cart' buttons in various places - the home page, collections, previews etc. You may see them there. This is often desired, so that you don't miss out on subscription conversion opportunities, but if you don't like how it looks, it can be hidden. Check out our troubleshooting guide for instructions.

If you've done basic setup, created a subscription plan, added a product to it and the subscription options are not showing up on that product when you preview, check out our troubleshooting guide. This is especially common if you use Shogun, Gempages or another app to create your product pages, or if you have a highly custom theme.

If you're looking at the subscription details page in the customer account section and are wondering why it's not an option to add products, please see this section on how to set up this functionality. The rules for products that are available to add must be configured before they'll show up.

For any issues or questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected]