How to enable SMS Text Subscription Notifications with Awtomatic Subscriptions

"Awtomatic Subscriptions provides Mobile Subscription Management so your customers can manage their subscriptions by text quickly & easily!"

How to enable Enable SMS Subscription Notifications with Awtomic

With Awtomic Subscriptions you can allow your subscribers manage their subscriptions quickly and easily by text. Your subscribers will receive text notifications of upcoming orders, be able to SKIP & EDIT to update their subscriptions, and they can easily log in to their accounts to manage their subscriptions and/or add additional products all from a text message - no password or account confusion required!

To Enable SMS Subscriptions:

Navigate to Awtomic -> Settings -> Then scroll to the SMS Notifications Section

Pictured below.


Check the box to Enable SMS Text Notifications.

You’ll also need to Enable phone numbers on Shipping Address in your Shopify Settings for Checkout. Go to your Shopify settings. Select Checkout. Scroll to you see Form Options & make sure that the Shipping Address Phone Number is selected to be “Optional or Required.”

Customers who enter their phone number when checking out will automatically begin receiving text notifications about their subscriptions once the store owner has enabled these settings in Awtomic Subscriptions. Customers who do not add it when completing their purchases will be able into their customer portals to enable it and to update the number they would like to receive their text messages on their own

Awtomic Subscriptions is proud to offer this added functionality to offer frictionless subscription management for you and your customers.

If you have any questions or need any additional assistance please feel free to contact us at [email protected].