Authenticating your custom FROM email address

Follow the steps outlined below to authenticate your custom domain


Email Deliverability Notice

Review our support article on new deliverability standards set by Google and Yahoo.

Step 1 - Set Up Your Custom Sending Domain

Authenticating a custom domain lets you dispatch notifications from your store's own domain instead of Awtomic's shared domain. This change eliminates the "via" note in the from address, aligning with Google and Yahoo's requirements set to begin in February 2024, enhancing both deliverability rates and your domain's reputation.

To kick off domain authentication, follow these steps to configure a custom sending domain:

  1. In the Awtomic app, click on "Settings" and then open the "Customize the style of your emails" settings
  2. Head to the "Sender information" section and enter your custom from address
  3. Click the "Verify" button which should generate and reveal three DKIM records for your domain
  4. Copy these three DKIM records.
  5. Collaborate with your DNS provider to add these DKIM records to your domain.
  6. This action will require you to step outside Awtomic. You might need to consult your IT department or reach out to your DNS provider for help.
  7. Once the DKIM records are added, return to the Awtomic Domain Details page and click "Verify." (status will change to "pending verification"
  • If the records are correct, their status will switch to "Verified."
  • If there's an issue, they'll show as "Failed."
  • After verification, emails using this domain in the from address will be sent from your domain directly.

Step 2 - Implement a DMARC Policy for Your Domain

Next, work with your DNS provider to establish a DMARC policy. If you're new to DMARC policies, Google suggests starting with a policy of "none" as a cautious first step.

For a deeper understanding of DMARC policies, review Google's guide on defining your DMARC record.