Assigning subscription plans to products

How to attach subscription plans to your products

NOTE: Subscriptions will not show up on your product pages until you’ve installed the theme code and “launched” your subscriptions, even if you select them during subscription plan setup.

There are two ways that you can assign a subscription plan to a product. One is through the subscription plan creation or editing flow:

On any subscription plan, you can press “Add Products” or “Manage products” to select any product or subset of product variants to offer subscriptions on:

You can search for products and select or deselect them here to determine which ones will show the subscription plan options to your customers.

REMINDER: Selected products will not show the options for subscriptions until you’ve installed the theme code and launched subscriptions.

Tip: If you want to preview the widget, you can add “?bundleapp-preview=1” to the end of the product page url once you have fully installed the subscription code to your store.

The second way to add subscriptions to products is from the shopify product creation or editing page, which you can get to by clicking “Products” from the left navigation and then selecting any existing product or pressing “Add Product.”

From this page, you can scroll down to find the Subscriptions section:

Here, if you choose to select an existing option, you can pick a subscription plan that you previously created to apply to the product:

If you did not previously create one, you can create a new one from here that works for the product. The fields you see below will follow the same advice we’ve given above on creating subscription plans and how to write display names.

Once you’ve added a plan to the product, you can view it, edit it, or remove it from the same section: