Subscription Shipping

How shipping is determined and charged for subscriptions

The way shipping works with subscriptions is controlled mostly by Shopify. We’ll explain some of the limitations and functionality below.

Subscriptions can only use shipping as a method of delivery. Pickup and delivery will not be options users can select and checkout with if they have a subscription in their cart, even if they also have a one-time item in the cart.

Subscriptions will automatically select the cheapest shipping option that you offer (usually ground shipping). This is because orders are planned ahead, so there is unlikely to be a reason for a user to pay for priority or faster delivery.

If you previously set up “Pickup” as a free shipping option, you will have to reconfigure it to use Shopify’s new method of delivery settings (Settings -> Shipping and Delivery -> Local Pickup) unless you want to offer free shipping for all subscriptions as well. If you want to offer free shipping for subscriptions, we’d encourage you to set up a discount code instead.

Please contact support if you need to have a different shipping rate for subscriptions.