Preselecting items in your Awtomic build-a-box

How to preselect items in your build-a-box

If you're looking to preselect items in your build-a-box, you can do so by using the Shopify product variant ID as URL parameter keys and the quantity of each item as the value. This feature is a great way to save time for your users and guide them on what to select for their box.

To get started, you'll need to know the product variant IDs of the items you want to add to your box. You can find this information on the product detail page by following these instructions. Once you have the IDs, you can add them to the URL of the build-a-box page using the following format: 41894135496933=2&41894132154597=2&41894131368165=2

here's a full example:

Open your build-a-box page and copy the full URL. Then add on the additional URL parameters. You can add as many items as you'd like, up to the box maximum.

For example, if you want to add two items with the variant IDs "1234" and "5678" to your box, with quantities of "2" and "1" respectively, your URL parameters would look like this:


Once you enter this updated URL in your browser, the build-a-box page will automatically preselect the items and quantities you specified. From there, your customers can add additional items or adjust the quantities as needed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer support team for assistance.