Moment Statuses

The status of a moment determines its visibility to customers and its activity within your store.

When you create a new moment, it's set to Draft by default. This means it's not yet visible to customers. To make a moment viewable, you'll need to set its status to Active.

Here's a breakdown of moment statuses:

Active: The moment is public and is actively promoted to customers. See details below on your choices for which customers the moment will apply to (Backfilling)
Draft: You're still working on the moment details before making them public.
Archived: The moment is complete but is now hidden from new customer view. However, customers who previously earned the moment will retain their reward and achievement, if applicable.

Important Note:
For consistency and to avoid confusion, there are restrictions on editing moments once they're set to Active. This ensures clarity on what rewards customers have already earned. Additionally, switching an Archived moment back to Active is currently limited. While we aim to offer more editing flexibility in the future, if you need significant changes to a moment's trigger or reward, we recommend creating a similar, new moment.


When you set a moment to "Active" you'll be given a choice of who the moment should apply to and whether or not communications should be sent. You'll be able to decide if the moment should be applied backwards (to folks who have already passed the milestone or are already in a status) or only going forward to people who pass the milestone in the future or change their status. For some triggers, there will not be this option because there are no customers currently in the state (EX: Skip or Reactivate actions). If you choose to make a moment not apply backwards (EG: to a customer with 10 orders when the moment applies after the 3rd) and it is a "visible" moment, the customers who did not earn it will not be able to see the moment, so they will not be aware they did not receive it.