Customer Subscription Portal

Awtomic Subscription's customer portal allows your subscribers to edit their subscriptions, update billing and shipping information, add-on items to their subscriptions and so much more.

As merchants, you are able to view and interact with each of your subscriber's customer portals by going to the subscription in your Awtomic admin.

To access the customer portal link for your subscribers.

  1. Go to the Awtomic App in your Shopify Store

  2. Click Subscriptions in the Awtomic App

  3. By using the search bar, you can filter the subscription list for the subscriber you'd like to access.

  4. Clicking on this will take you to the subscriber's subscription details and admin. Scroll down until you see the customer portal link on the side.

  5. Please copy and paste this link into your browser and you will be taken to this subscriber's customer portal. The link can also be forwarded to your subscribers so they can access their customer portals.