SMS Message Content

The text messages that can be sent to your US/Canadian customers

New subscription

${customerName}, you have a new subscription to ${shop.ShopName}. Text EDIT or tap ${manageSubscriptionsUrl} to manage. Text STOP to stop receiving text messages.

Upcoming subscription order

there’s a bit of conditional logic in this one depending on CP settings and customer subscription count

${customerName}, your ${shop.ShopName} renewal is coming up. Text EDIT to update order ${!hideReschedule && activeSubscriptionCount === 1 ? ' or SKIP to delay.' : '.'} STOP to stop texts

Failed payment

We were unable to charge the payment method for your subscription on ${shop.ShopName}. Tap to update ${manageSubscriptionsUrl}.

Response for Edit

Tap this link to edit your subscription: ${shortenUrl.shortUrl}

Response for Skip

Subscription shipment for ${shop.ShopName} skipped. Next order will be ${nextBillingDate.format('MMM DD, YYYY')}.

or if they sent “skip” and the shop blocks rescheduling

Sorry, this subscription cannot be skipped

Response for Unknown command

there’s a bit of conditional logic in this one

Sorry, we didn't recognize that command. To edit your subscription${manyContracts ? 's' : ''} tap this link: ${shortenedUrl.shortUrl}

Login code

The part after the . is so that mobile phones accept that it’s from the shop and users can just tap a button to fill in the code (they dont have to type anything on most modern phones)

${code} is your ${shopName} code to login.\n\n@${shopUrl} #${code}


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