Choosing to purchase a subscription

How customers will experience choosing to purchase a subscription on your product pages

Customers will see the option to purchase a subscription to your product on your product detail pages. Depending on your set up, there could be different default layouts for how subscriptions are displayed. We’ve accounted for every combination of plan and discount types, but we’ll cover some of the most common below. Note that many elements of the style of the widget will be dependent on your theme and all styles can be overridden with CSS that you add into your theme files.

The most common case is when one-time purchases and a single subscription plan with multiple intervals are offered The choice between one-time and subscription will be a radio button. The options for frequencies of subscription will only appear once the subscription is selected. The price will be automatically altered to show the original and discounted amount, and also a subscription badge showing the savings. The price alteration may need some extra integration work if you are using a highly custom theme.

It is also possible to have an existing sale, combined with a subscription. This will display as an extra savings badge:

If you only have a single frequency, then we’ll show that frequency below the subscription display name so that users don’t have to take an extra step for selection.

If you only offer subscriptions and not one-time purchases, then the interface will be even simpler. We'll just show the frequency options and users won't choose between one-time and subscription:

This will also work if you only offer subscriptions but do not want to allow interval choices:

Or multiple subscription plans:

If you prefer buttons to the dropdown selector, we can also accommodate that. Please reach out to [email protected].