How to use Awtomic Preview Mode.

If you’d like to preview subscriptions on your product before you’ve made our app public, you can now use our new Awtomic Subscriptions Preview Mode.

First go to the Awtomatic app in your Shopify Admin. Click Help and navigate to Awtomic's Welcome Guide to create your subscription plans and add the products you’d like to have subscriptions on.

Once you click preview in the Welcome Guide as shown here:

This will take you to the Awtomic Preview and you will see a product in your store that has been added to subscriptions:

While you are in Awtomic Preview Mode, you can also navigate to any other products in your store/catalog that you have already added to your Awtomic subscription plans and preview them before you make public.

Please note: At this time you can NOT use this Awtomic Preview to preview your build-a-boxes and shuffles. However, once you make the Awtomic app public you will be able to view your Awtomic subscriptions widget on build-a-boxes shuffles, etc on your site.

After you've made the app public you will not need to use the Awtomic Preview Mode to preview your subscriptions.

Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions or need any additional assistance. We are happy to help.