Managing Subscriptions In the Customer Portal

How customers can self-service manage their subscriptions on your online store

Customers can manage their subscriptions at any time by logging in to your store and accessing their Customer Portal.

In order to keep subscription management secure, the links sent to shoppers in their email to manage subscriptions contain security tokens. These tokens expire 24 hours, so if they access their customer account or click a link when the token is expired, they will have to trigger and receive a new email with a token before managing their subscription.

Once they have logged in, they can click the "Manage Subscriptions" button you added during setup to see a list of any subscriptions they have with your store. They'll be able to see the next upcoming order date for each subscription, what products are included where the order will ship as well as some other important details. If they want to manage their subscription, they can press the "Manage" button to see more.

Please note that the style of most elements in this section will attempt to pick up your theme styles automatically, and can be custom styled by adding your own CSS. We encourage you to not hide or bury any of the user functionality. We have tested the functionality and layout to provide you and your customers with the best experience that will reduce overall churn and also customer support requests. If you do not want a piece of functionality enabled, please contact us for support.

From the subscription details page, there is a lot of powerful functionality that allows users to change almost anything about their subscription. This will drive ongoing engagement between your subscribers and your brand and also over time will encourage customers to add to their subscriptions and try more of your products.

Here are some of the things customers can do:

Skip the next shipment: By pressing "Skip" customers can skip the next order. Their next order date will be set based on the frequency of their subscription.

Order now: When customers press "Order now" their order will be billed and placed right away. Their next order date will be their frequency away from today.

Edit next order date: When customers press Edit on the Next Order date they'll be able to pick any calendar date in the future. This will be the date when their next order will be billed and placed (not shipped or delivered).

Edit Frequency: Customers will be able to pick any number and any interval as their frequency. We highly encourage you to enable this if it works for your operations because users will retain longer if they get your product at the right interval for their unique usage.

Edit Shipment Info: Customers can change the shipping address any time before the order is billed and placed. They must change it on each subscription, not in their customer account section.

Edit Payment Method: Customers can edit their payment method by triggering an email to themselves with a secure form. Since Shopify holds all payments the form will allow them to enter details directly to Shopify.

Pause the subscription: Customers can pause their subscription for a set amount of time, or indefinitely. If they press the Pause button, they'll see a few options to choose from:

This will encourage them to essentially set a next order date instead of pausing indefinitely, which is harder to recover.

Cancel the subscription: Customers can also cancel subscriptions. A cancel mitigation flow is coming soon! For now we recommend keeping this functionality exposed to keep trust and transparency with your customers.

Edit the quantity of each product they're subscribed to: Users can press the + or - button next to the quantity of any product in their subscription to change the quantity. They will not be able to remove the last item in their subscription. Once the quantity changes, their total recurring price will be adjusted.

Remove a product: The overflow menu on any item gives customers the ability to remove a product from their subscription. If it's the last item in the subscription, they will not be able to remove it.

Change selection: Users can change which variant or product they are subscribed to using this option from the overflow menu.

Once customers choose this, they'll be able to see the details of the product and change the variant or quantity before saving. They can also choose to view other products as a replacement.

Add Products: If you've defined add-on group rules, customers will be able to see recommendations and also view all products that you've enabled for them to add to a subscription. Products will be added to the subscription, but can be removed any time.

Before users add a product they'll be able to view the details of the product, select a variant and choose the quantity they want.

If they choose to "See all products" they'll see all the products based on the rules you've set up for add-ons.

Please note that the price of the subscription displayed includes the product price and shipping, but not tax, which is calculated at the time of order placement since tax rates might change. The amount charged for each order will show the full amount charged to the card.