Pausing a Subscription

How to pause a subscription for a customer from the Awtomatic app admin view

In the same “Active” badge that you’ll find on a subscription details page, you can drop it down to find the “Pause subscription” option. Customers may want to do this instead of cancelling if they’re going on a trip, or have too much of your product built up, or perhaps are trying to save money for a period of time. It’s something that you can suggest as an alternative to cancelling if they’re open to it.

When a customer pauses a subscription themselves in the customer portal, they'll be given a few options, including pausing for a specified amount of time, or even until a custom selected date. The last option is to pause indefinitely.

From the admin side, when you pause it will pause their subscription indefinitely. If you'd like to delay their next shipment, you can edit their next order date instead.

A paused subscription can be reactivated in the same location at any time by pressing the "Reactivate now" button.