Awtomic Dunning Schedule

Automate your failed payment retries and easily maintain reccurring subscription revenue with Awtomic Subscriptions Dunning Schedules.

Awtomic Subscriptions is pleased to offer automated Dunning Scheduling for our merchants. Awtomic’s Dunning scheduling will allow merchants to proactively handle payment decline efficiently and effectively.

When the stored payment methods fail we will retry the payment according to the attempt schedule you’ve sent. Your subscribers will receive an email notification when the first payment attempt fails. Subscribers will also see a warning message in the customer portal to alert them that their payment has failed and needs to be updated.

To view or update your Dunning Schedule.

  1. In your Shopify Admin and go to Apps & Select Awtomic.

  2. Go to to your Awtomic Settings:

  3. Click Edit Settings under Logistics & Operations:

  4. Go to Your Dunning Schedule and set your preferred number of retry attempts and timing. Please note: These settings are global for your subscriptions with Awtomic.

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