Installing subscriptions on your Online Store

How to install the changes to your online store to show subscription options

There are some changes to your online store that need to be made in order to show:

  • The subscription purchase, discount and interval options on your product pages
  • That a recurring purchase is being made when the user is in the cart or checkout view
  • The subscription sections in the customer account for easy user subscription management

Most of the time, we can do this installation automatically, but we offer manual installation instructions for folks who have custom themes or want to do some customization on top of the widgets we’ve built.

Please note that any time you switch themes, you will have to take these same steps to reinstall the Bundle code.

If you use the following free themes, we currently support automatic installation:

  • Boundless
  • Brooklyn
  • Debut
  • Express
  • Minima,
  • Narrative
  • Simple
  • Supply
  • Venture

You can trigger installation by going to the “Launch” tab in the Bundle app, and then pressing “Automatic Install”

When installation is complete and successful, you will see an “Installed” badge

If automatic installation is not available for your theme, press the “Manual Install” button. You must then walk through each defined step to complete the installation. If at any time you feel stuck or want help, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are happy to do this step for you.

The links on each step will open up the code files that need to be edited given the instructions provided. The button to the right of each snippet will automatically copy it to your clipboard.