Email Customization - Awtomic Settings

Customizing subscription emails content and style

Awtomic Subscriptions currently gives merchants the ability to send and customize several transactional emails to subscribers directly through Awtomic Settings.

Would you like to use Klaviyo for your subscription emails? Click to learn more about Awtomic Subscription's Klayvio Integration.

If you would like to use Awtomic's Emails, you are able to customize them to match more closely with your brand. To do this, go to the Settings section of the Awtomic app and press 'Customize' on the Email Customization section.


In this email settings page, you will be able to upload a logo and change the colors that the emails use for buttons, links and accents.


You can also customize the content of each of following Awtomic Subscription emails :

  • New Subscription: Sent once, upon initial purchase of a subscription
  • Upcoming Order: Sent before each subsequent order in a subscription*
  • Delayed Subscription Message: Sent to subscribers the first time a subscription is delayed due to sold out inventory.
    Note: only applicable if inventory delay settings are enabled in Awtomic Settings.
  • Failed Payment: Sent if a subscriber's payment method fails, to encourage them to update their payment method. These emails are sent according to the Dunning Settings that you have the user's payment method continues to fail.

*The Upcoming Order Email is sent before each subsequent renewal order's billing date as a reminder for each subscriber. You can select how many days before the renewal date these are sent. Please see here for more information about this: Upcoming Order Email Timing

The Delayed Subscription Email is only sent to customers the first time a subscription is delayed due to sold out inventory. This is dependent on how you have configured your inventory management in your Awtomic Inventory Settings.

The Failed Payment Email

The Failed Payment email includes the following default text.

We highly recommend that you set up your "From" email address, which will make the emails appear as if they come from an email on your domain. You can do this by adding and verifying it in the Sender information.

If you do not update this email, emails to your customers will come from [email protected], but the replies will go to the email you have associated with your Shopify store.

Finally, you can preview all of these emails any time using the preview section to trigger them to be sent to your store's email address.