Try Awtomic Subscriptions with our 14 Day Free Trial.

14 Day Free Trial of Awtomic Subscriptions

Awtomic Subscriptions offers a 14 day free trial to allow Shopify merchants to experience the full functionality and premium subscription management experience our app provides.

Just add the app to your Shopify store, go through the launch steps outlined in our Welcome Guide to set up your subscriptions and then select the pricing plan you’d like. This will allow you to make your widget public and activate your 14 day free trial of Awtomic Subscriptions. Then you will be able to offer subscriptions on your active products publicly, take subscriptions orders and have full use of the app during your free 14 day trial. We do believe you’ll love Awtomic Subscriptions but you do have the option to cancel your subscription at any time before the 14 day free trial is over and you will not be charged.

Your 14 day free trial does not begin until you have selected your pricing plan and clicked make public.

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