Inventory Settings

Configure how orders are placed when inventory is out

Inventory problems are common these days. The Awtomic app has some settings that can help alleviate the pain regardless of how you manage inventory for your subscriptions.

If you go to the settings page, there is an Inventory section where you can configure this behavior.

By default, orders will be placed, on schedule regardless of your store's inventory. Many brands prefer this because they set aside product for upcoming subscriptions, even if the products are sold out for one-time purchases. We recommend this approach if you can swing it, to keep loyal customers engaged.

If you are fully out of inventory and cannot fulfill some of your subscription orders, you can instead select "Delay subscription orders when out of stock." This setting will not bill your customers when their orders come due if inventory is out of stock. It will put the orders in a "No inventory" status, and will continue to try every day until inventory is updated for the products. This will save you from having to issue refunds if your inventory is out but orders are coming due. You can view all subscriptions of this status via the tab or status filter in the Subscriptions list page.

If you wish to force through any specific subscription, you can do so by clicking into the subscription details and pressing "Allow order"

Another option, is to allow orders when inventory is out of stock, but only if at least one item in the order is available. This will only block orders where you have no inventory to ship to a customer. Note that the full order will be charged in this case.