Batching Settings on your Awtomic Subscription Plan.

Awtomic Subscription is pleased to announce Batching Settings for subscription plans. Got to your Awtomic App> Tools> Subscription Plans. Click in to your subscription plan and check the box to add Batching Settings to your Subscriptions plan.

Awtomic Subscriptions Batching settings will allow merchants to set parameters on what days of the week or days of the month recurring subscription order’s billing dates will be automatically set to.

This can be a bit confusing so let's use a real-world example to explain.

Real world example:

Sue runs a Cookie of the Week Subscription Club. The orders come into Sue's Shopify store throughout the week, and she bakes and fulfills the orders on Fridays each week. Sue uses Awtomic’s Batching settings to have all of her recurring subscription renewal order dates billed weekly on Thursdays to make things easier.

Therefore, Sue sets the batching settings for her Awtomic Subscription Plan to batch orders every Thursday. For minimum cut off days in between orders, she sets at least 3 days.

In light of Sue's batching settings, and taking into consideration the calendar below:

Let’s say a new customer Alan makes an initial subscription purchase for a weekly cookie subscription on Sue’s site on Tuesday, Aug 2, 2022.

When would his next order date be for Alan's second subscription renewal?

Alan’s next order date for subscription renewal would be set to Thursday, August 11, 2022.

Why not Thursday, Aug 4th, 2022?

Because Thursday, Aug 4, 2022, is less than his weekly frequency so it is too close for Alan’s second order. So Alan’s next subscription order date for his second order of cookies would be automatically set to Thursday, Aug 11, 2022, by Awtomic. His third would be Thursday, August 18, 2022, and so on and so on.

What are the minimum cut-off days?

Minimum cut-off days affect failed orders, retries, and atypical scenarios only. For example, this can be used in situations involving failed payment recovery or inventory delays.

Suppose, for example, a subscriber's order fails to bill on Thursday, August 11th, since their payment method needs to be updated. Awtomic will retry that order billing until the payment method is corrected and able to be billed successfully per your dunning settings. If the subscriber waits until Tuesday, August 16th to update their payment method, and is successfully billed on that date also, setting a minimum cut-off between orders can prevent too close billing dates in this situation.

As a result of those minimum cut-off days, only August 16th will be billed as the day to place a weekly order for the customer and no order would be placed on August 18th to avoid too close billing.

Some things to note about Batching:

Awtomic’s Batching can have no impact on when the initial subscription purchase comes in. That initial subscription purchase will come in whenever your customer decides to visit your store to purchase a subscription on their own. The Batching Settings only impact the next recurring orders billing dates for their subscription orders. Batching settings have no impact on how you fulfill and or deliver your orders in Shopify regardless of if they are new or recurring subscription orders.

If the merchant and/or the customer makes any changes to the next order dates, batching day settings, etc. on a subscription or subscription plan then those changes could, of course, impact these next order dates.

If you do not want the next recurring subscription order billing dates to be so close in between orders for your subscribers, you can choose to increase the # of minimum cut-off days in your Batching Settings on your Subscription plans.

Batching Settings and/or changes do not take effect retroactively but you can go in and adjust the batching settings and or next order dates on any subscriptions that came in before you had batching set up in your Awtomic Subscriptions Admin for each subscription.

If you are considering using batching we strongly suggest Merchants run several test subscription orders on their store to see how it comes in and to confirm they are happy with their Batching settings and minimum cut-off dates for their subscription plans and how they will affect subscription next order dates.

If you have any questions or need any additional information/assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

We are happy to help.