Awtomic Subscriptions SMS Notifications by Text with Quiet Hours

Enable Awtomic Subscriptions SMS text messages to notify subscribers to manage subscriptions from their mobile devices.

Awtomic SMS

If you choose to enable Awtomic SMS in your Awtomic store settings, customers will receive notifications about upcoming subscriptions and have the ability to edit or skip their subscriptions directly from their mobile devices. Please note that this service is currently only available for merchants and subscribers in the United States and Canada. Additionally, you must collect the shipping address phone number in your Shopify Store Checkout settings.

To enable Awtomic Subscriptions SMS notifications, please follow these steps:

Open your Awtomic app in your Shopify Admin.

Click on Settings:

Scroll to the area for SMS Notifications as pictured below:

Upcoming Order Texts will be sent out according to the upcoming order timelines you set up in your Awtomic email settings. Learn more here:

Upcoming Order Text example:

Text Commands:


Customers can text EDIT to receive a link to their subscription account.


Customers can test SKIP to begin the skip process. They must wait to receive a confirmation of a successful SKIP request. If the customer does not receive a confirmation response for their SKIP attempt, the subscriber must log in their subscription portal on your store’s website to complete their skip request.

Awtomic Quiet Hours:

You can control when your Awtomic SMS Notifications go out to avoid sending text messages outside of normal business hours by using the new Quiet Hours feature. Configure your sms quiet hours in this area below:


If a customer has multiple subscriptions or subscriptions to multiple stores they may receive a response instructing them to log in to their subscription portal to make their changes.