Creating and Managing Add-ons for subscribers

Intelligent Add-ons in your Customer Portal help grow your expansion revenue

A very powerful tool that Awtomic offers is the ability to let subscribers add-on items to their subscription orders through their customer portal. We allow you to configure rules around which products you want to make available or recommend based on what your customers are subscribed to, where their shipping address is and other powerful segmentation logic. We call this feature Add-ons. Add-ons will help build customer engagement and also grow your expansion revenue over time as it introduces your loyal customers to more of your products.

Customers will see Add-ons in their account subscription portal and also will see highlights of them in upcoming order emails.

To set up Add-ons, go to tools -> Add-ons page and press "Create."

On this page, you'll define rules for what add-ons your customers have access to. This is a great way to enable membership benefits by offering exclusive access, early access, or special discounts to subscribers.

The most simple option is to create a rule that applies to All Products. This means that the products you define will show up for a customer who's subscribed to anything in your store.

You can then select one or more collections, or even specific products or variants that will define which products are available to be added to a subscription. These products do not have to be part of a subscription plan in order to be added. Further down you will specify if they are recurring, or one-time and what discount should be applied.


The collection that you select does have to be published in the Online Sales channel

Even more powerful - you can also define products that will show up when your customers are subscribed to a specific product or products:

This allows you to make targeted recommendations based on what a customer has already purchased. For example, if a customer is subscribed to hot dogs or sausages you could make sure to recommend hot dog buns.

You can also choose to only show add-ons to customers with shipping addresses in certain countries. This allows you to control if only certain products can be added or sold internationally.

Each add-on group can have it's own rules about whether the products can be added one-time, subscription only or if the customer can choose. They can also have their own discount settings. If all of your add-ons will have the same settings, you can also set this globally in the Awtomic Settings section.

You can create multiple add-on rule groups with rules that overlap and then will all get combined to create the list of products that a customer can choose from. For example, if you have a rule for hot dogs and a rule for all products, someone who is subscribed to hot dogs will see buns first, but then will also have access to add the products you've defined for all products.

As you add more rules for add-ons you can drag and drop them, edit them or delete them from the main Add-ons page. Changing the order will impact the priority and order of what is shown to customers:

Note: Add-ons will not show up if your store is password protected. If you are still in stealth mode, you will have to temporarily remove the password to view and test this feature from the customer's view.

In the image above, you saw the customer's subscription details with recommended add-ons. This will highlight the most relevant add-ons to the customer based on your rules. If customers select "See all products" they will be able to see the rest of the products defined by your rules.

If the press "Add" from one of the recommended items, they'll be able to see the product details, select a variant and a quantity before adding to their subscription.

To offer a discount to customers with add-ons, click "Discount Rules" from the main add-ons list page. Then you can specify what the discount amount should be. Note that this discount will apply to all add-ons regardless of other subscription plans.

Awtomic also allows you to set discounts and rules for these Add-ons in your Awtomic settings.


Are products added as one-time or recurring?

Currently, all add-on products can be added to the subscription on either a recurring basis or as a one-time only. Merchants can customize what they allow for Add-ons in their Awtomic Settings.

How does the add-on discount work with subscription plan discounts?

Add-on discounts override any other discounts you may have set up on your subscription plans. This allows you to do a few things:

  • Experiment with incentives for existing subscribers
  • Allow subscribers to add products that aren’t typically offered for subscription purchase
  • Simplify discounts when you may have multiple subscription plans associated with a product

Can I control the order of Add-ons or pick the featured items?

Currently, the best way to control the order is through more specific rules. We are planning to continue building more settings and also logic into this feature that will make sure it’s always targeting customers with the best and most relevant options.