Upcoming Features

Features that we're building now!

The app you see now is just the beginning. We’re busy working on fulfilling our vision of helping you build a strong subscription business with the best end-to-end experience for both you and your shoppers. This will include emphasis on:

  • Building best in class shopper subscription management tools
  • Helping increase your subscription order sizes and conversion and minimize churn
  • Keeping customers engaged and building a deep relationship with your brand

Below are some of the top priority features coming soon to the app. We will keep this updated as we continue working to improve the experience. Please let us know if you have other requests or ideas - we want our app to work for you!

Cancel Mitigation

While allowing customers to cancel if they want to is an important part of building a trustworthy relationship and brand, there are ways we can encourage customers to stay, or at the very least learn why they are leaving so improvements can be made.

Our cancel mitigation feature will ask customers why they are leaving before they cancel and allow you to automatically offer them incentives to stay if certain options are selected. Previous studies have found even this small amount of friction to reduce overall cancellations significantly.

Inventory Management

Currently, Bundle does not take inventory of your items into account beyond the initial purchase and will place orders regardless of current inventory on the site. Many brands plan their inventory this way, but we know that for some it is not ideal.

In the future, we will create a setting that will allow you to determine whether or not orders are processed if the item is out of stock. If they are not, then you will be able to resolve the error with a few options that can be set up to automatically notify customers, give them options and offer them discounts if you desire.


We know that reports are critical for you as you plan your business and inventory. We’re busy working on a reports section that will help with:

  • Inventory planning and upcoming orders
  • Customer and order data and insights
  • Financial projections and measuring benefits of recurring revenue

Order Add-ons

Once you have a subscribing customer who loves your products and gets a regular shipment from you, it can be a win-win situation to help them find more products to include. Add-ons, whether they are one-time or recurring can be a great way to increase order value and life time value of your customers. We’re going to help you target customers at the right times with the right products to sell more. We’ll give you the power of a big subscription brand like Dollar Shave Club all from our Shopify app.

Batch Order Schedules

For boxes with rotating inventory or any perishable products, we know that it can be important for your fulfillment operations to batch orders. We’re going to build extremely customizable batching settings so that you can deliver the best possible experience to your customers and keep your operations manageable.

Branded Emails and Marketing Integrations

We know that your brand and email communications are critical for your business and marketing, so we are going to build in the ability to customize our automated emails. We’re also working on integrations with popular email services so that you can tailor your campaigns to your subscription customers whenever you need to.


True to our name, we want to help you define and sell subscriptions to bundles of products without the extra headaches of tracking inventory in two places and having to limit which variants go in bundles. Help customers justify buying more from you by offering incentives to subscribe to bundles.

Gift subscriptions

Particularly during the holiday season, gift subscriptions are a great way for shoppers to give a gift that keeps on giving! Shoppers will be able to easily gift and prepay subscriptions to friends and loved ones, which provides new opportunities for revenue growth and brand awareness.

Custom quizzes

Some brands have indicated that they would like to personalize their subscription offering with step-by-step quizzes for shoppers. We think this will be an invaluable product for subscription-first merchants and are excited to work with them on building the right personalization tools for their shoppers.