How to register, manage, and handle webhook events for seamless integration with our platform


Webhooks are HTTP callbacks that trigger when specific actions occur on our platform. You can register a webhook endpoint to listen to particular events, like subscription creations or updates, and execute custom logic.

Key Points

  • Webhook events are not guaranteed to be delivered in any specific order.
  • We follow an "at least once" delivery policy, which means your endpoint may receive the same event multiple times. Write your handlers with idempotency in mind to ensure correct data processing.
  • We retry up to four times before disabling the webhook if any non 200 response is found. We make retries every 5 minutes approximately.

Webhooks Signature

We include a header called x-awtomic-signature in each call that should be used to verify the authenticity of the call. This signature is computed by taking the body of the request and hashing it with the shop's webhook secret key using HMAC SHA256. This secret key can be retrieved when listing the webhooks.

Webhook Actions

We currently support 4 webhook actions (aka events)

  • scCreated: triggered when a Subscription has been created
  • scUpdated: triggered when any update occurs on a Subscription
    • Note: Update webhooks can be triggered by the Awtomic system often times without intervention from customers. This webhook is not only triggered when customers or admin make updates to a Subscription
  • baSuccess: triggered when a Subscription has been billed successfully and created an order
  • baFailure: triggered when a Subscription billing has failed